The AME CMS is a fully loaded, feature rich content management system. Design and functionality have been thuroughly planned so it is easy and intuitive for the end user to navigate and produce the content they desire. There are many features that are included that you just don't see in even the most popular cms's out there. With it's plugin expandability, the management of almost anything is possible.

Built on a solid PHP platform with security at the top of the list during the coding process. Utilizing PDO for database functions and procedural PHP for the core functions, there are several custom designed functions that aid in several everyday tasks. A couple open source code "libraries" have been utilized to perform large task oriented precedures such as PHPMailer to handle email sending and TINYMCE for a rich text editor.

Packed Full of Features

  • Admin Control Panel
  • User Registration
  • User Profile Info
  • Site & Admin Settings
  • Customer Reviews Plugin
  • Blog Plugin
  • Image Slider Plugin
  • Full Product Selling System
  • PayPal Integration w/IPN validation
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Reports


As with any CMS, expandability is key. With the ability to create custom plugins, the AME CMS is highly expandable. Building a plugin is fast and easy and allows total control of all aspects of it's functionality and design. One example has would be a clothing boutique that added product sizing choices to the admin and client side.

Get coding today and see how far you can take it!